About Us

A Family of Super Heroes

After Allen Reed, a Shipboard Engineer with over 1100 hours of HVAC Training, retired from the Army in 1995, he built the business Air Max. Now Air Max is a 2nd Generation, family-owned business with more than a decade under its belt.

Allen’s Credentials Include an Active Florida State Certification for HVAC Contracting & a 4 year tenure teaching professional development classes for central Tennessee Heating & Air Contractors.

Dale’s credentials include the Tennessee Mechanical Contractor License (CMC-C) & Limited License Electrician Certification (LLE), 11 years of HVAC service and installation, 2 years of HVACR technical schooling at the Advanced Technology Center of Daytona Beach, Florida, multiple North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certifications and certification for the most efficient A/C available today, the Maytag IQ Drive.

What Makes Air Max Different?

In June of 2009 Dale and Allen decided that energy rates had become so high, that they decided they wanted to offer a special service. Air Max Heating & Air started calculating the percentage of performance and SEER ratings of A/C systems, in order to truly tune them as close to their maximum efficiency as possible. Our unique precision tune-up, inspects everything that can possibly be done in order to restore your heating and air conditioning system to its very best condition.

We’ll identify potential areas of low performance, mechanical components needing attention to prevent larger more costly repairs and provide you with guidance on how best to increase your efficiency. This dedication to saving their customer’s money is the main difference why so many folks have switched to Air Max. A truly valuable service to decrease your energy bills.