Heat Recovery Units

Heat Recovery Units are low cost and hassle-free units that recover concentrated high temperature heat from your air conditioner’s condenser circuit. After collecting the heat, the unit pumps the recovered heat directly into your hot water tank. Heat recovery provides free hot water heating during the season that your air conditioner operates. There are also heat recovery units that connect to heat pumps, providing you with free hot water during the cooling season, while also saving you up to 70% on hot water heating costs while your heat pump operates during the heating season. A heat recovery unit will operate day or night, rain or shine, as long as your air conditioning unit or heat pump is running.

Benefits of Having a Heat Recovery Unit

  • Free hot water from your AC unit or heat pump
  • Heat recovery units can improve the efficiency of your AC unit by up to 18%
  • Lower utility bills
  • Can work with your existing hot water tank
  • Reduces electricity use
  • Prolongs equipment life

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