Preventative Maintenance

Keep Your System Running Great, All Year Round

When you need HVAC service for your home or office, Air Max Heating & Air can fine tune your energy use, lower your power bills with energy efficient air conditioners, test and measure heater repair, and provide healthy home HVAC technologies.

AirMax 20-Point Checklist

  1. Checking all filters
  2. Visual inspection of indoor register, dirty, or any complains of hot or cold spots from home
  3. Central Air Purification; Is system protected with UVC technology?
  4. Visual, return air grill, or door test for duct leaks
  5. Air handler electrical connections tight and clean
  6. Blower motor sealed
  7. Blower wheel clean and tight
  8. Any evidence of contaminants on evaporator or in air handler
  9. Condensate line flushed and draining
  10. Condensate Algaecide pills added to drain pan
  11. Any sounds of vibration or air leaking
  12. Thermostat: Digital or Manual?
  13. Is it level, secure, and batteries changed, this year?
  14. Any sounds or symptoms before you touch customers unit?
  15. Amperage draw of electric heat kit
  16. FLA or blower motor
  17. FLA or inducer motor
  18. Visual Inspection of Burners, Heat Exchanger, and Combustion Air Motor
  19. Carbon Monoxide Levels
  20. Gas Pressure

When we go on an HVAC service call, we test and measure the HVAC system and compare it to industry standards to see if it is operating at the level of efficiency it should. If your air conditioner, heater, or HVAC system is in need of repair or service, we will take the time to thoroughly explain your options, like which energy efficient air conditioners are best suited to your home or office. Then, we continue to monitor your system’s efficiency, making sure the air quality and energy efficiency matches our standards.

Think of the AirMax Heating & Air team as your champions for energy efficient air conditioners. We will advise you of the best ways to keep cool in the summer, stay warm in the winter, and stretch your utility dollars to the max! You’ll be amazed at your return on Investment when you work with us. Our specialty is knowing how to fine tune your HVAC repair service so that your home or office is running at maximum power efficiency.

Preferred Customer Club Membership

Have the best in protection, safety, and savings with AirMax Heating and Air’s Platinum Membership. As a Platinum Club Member, you’ll receive special offers, discounts, and guaranteed same day appointments. Our members also receive a free diagnostic service call, 2 precision tune-ups per year, and 20% off of parts. For only $19.95 per month, Platinum members can receive the best and most affordable options to avoid costly repairs, replacements, loss of comfort, inconvenience, or loss of safety.

Members Receive:

  • Front-of-Line Pass
  • Discounts
  • Safer Home
  • Great Value
  • Special Offers
  • Energy Savings
  • Convenience of us calling you for maintenance

Schedule your service with one of the AirMax heroes today! We serve Manchester, Tullahoma, Winchester, Shelbybille, Monteagle, and Sewanee.